Unfair term in a contract essay

Section 2 2 stipulates that any clause restricting liability for loss to property has to pass the "reasonableness test". As a result, the boss had to take a week off work. This short paper first considers the law relating to the duty of trust and confidence which is implied in every contract of employment, then examines the impact of that implied term in the context of dismissal.

The UTCCR are both broader than UCTA in that they cover any unfair terms, not just exemption clauses, but narrower in that they only operate for consumer contracts.

The claim made by Bling Jewellers is resisted by Polish Ltd, who seek to rely on the exclusion clause incorporated in their standard terms and conditions of business. How to cite this page Choose cite format: The court held that this amounted to a breach of the implied duty that employers will conduct themselves in a manner that does not harm the delicate relationship of trust and confidence.

In contrast, UCTA section 3 [s 17] applies whether the consumer[20] is buyer or seller or recipient.

Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts

Exclusion clauses are in some circumstances permissible but the law takes a restrictive line on their incorporation in and implementation over contracts. A list of examples of unfair terms are set out in Schedule 2.

Unfair terms in English contract law

Exclusion Clauses Essay Essay Title: Therefore, even if the form signed containing the note: It was a bleak winter for our law of contract.

On each occasion when they had done business before, the parties had signed a comprehensive contract that included standard terms and conditions. It should be noted that this question will again be restrictively interpreted in favour of the claimant: In this case an employee was subject to a mobility clause which provided that he was liable to be transferred to any place in the United Kingdom in which his employer operated at short notice and with only the possibility of a discretionary relocation payment.

This duty contributes little to the duty of fidelity that an employee owes to an employer and which overlays the employment relationship, in particular in light of the sensitive commercial information which may be at the disposal of the employee, but it is specified as a specific duty in light of the many scenarios that can bring it to the fore.

For example, in Bliss v South East Thames Regional Health Authoritya demand that an employee submitted himself to a psychiatric examination was deemed to be an act calculated to destroy the said relationship of trust and confidence. Exclusion Clauses Polish Ltd.

The Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 Essay

All other terms caught by UCTA may be valid if they satisfy the requirement of reasonableness. In order to ensure consumer protection laws are actually enforced, the Office of Fair Trading has jurisdiction to bring consumer regulation cases on behalf of consumers after receiving complaints.

Some issues can be quickly dealt with. Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question.The Unfair Contract Terms Act (hereafter the “ Act”) provides for an absolute ban on exemption clauses which purport to exclude liability for negligence which results in death or injury.

This statutory prohibition is carried in sections 2 and 5 of the Act. This essay discusses unfair contract term law (UCTL) and critically evaluates the factors considered by the court when determining whether a term is unfair under the UCTL.

Unfair Term in a Contract After the Treaty of Maastricht, the European Community made a directive on Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Unfair Term in a Contract Essay examples Words | 8 Pages.

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Unfair Term in a Contract After the Treaty of Maastricht, the European Community made a directive on Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts This instructed member states to pass domestic legislation to provide consumer protection.

What impact does this implied term have in the areas of constructive, wrongful and unfair dismissal? The employment relationship constitutes an intimate and important contract between employer and employee. Terms of the contract According to James (), the terms of the contract are the specific details of the agreement, including each party’s rights and obligations.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of contractual term: express terms and implied terms.

Unfair term in a contract essay
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