The influence of technology and media on the lives of people in the hunger games a novel series by s

List of characters in The Hunger Games trilogy

With District 12 having only three living victors Peeta, Katniss, and Haymitchit is clear that Katniss will go back into the arena, with Peeta determined to volunteer should Haymitch be picked in order to protect her.

Winners Katniss and Peeta watch as a hovercraft descends to pick them up. Beetee Latier — The male tribute from District 3. She made it to the final 4, then died by eating nightlock that was left out by Peeta.

Peeta at the parade. Peeta running from the Cornucopia, like Haymitch's orders. After she won her first Games, she altered her teeth to be razor-sharp and plated them with gold. She is murdered by the boy tribute from District 1, Marvel.

When Peeta arrives in the Capitol, he is fixed up by his prep teamled by his stylistPortia. The violence is disturbing, and the reactions of the students are likely very accurate as to how the masses would act in such a situation. Ever since he was five years old, Peeta had a huge crush on Katniss Everdeen.

She was Katniss' friend and the mayor's daughter. She was very skilled with throwing knives, as she was the one who killed the District 9 male. Katniss and Peeta in the Training Center.

In theory, the lottery by which tributes are chosen, called the reaping, is random and anyone can be picked. Theseus and the Minotaur One of the greatest places to find stories to reinvent is from Greek and Roman Mythology.

Peeta at camouflage station. They notice at the Cornucopia that Cato is covered in full-body armor, which he received from his district pack, that protects him from Katniss' arrows. It becomes engrained into your memory. President Snow — The President of Panem. Weak, but willing to move, the alliance moves slowly until they decide to set up camp, knowing they must find safe water.

He sends Katniss gifts throughout the games to help her survive, and sometimes Katniss believes that his gifts always seem to have good timing and there might be some kind of connection between them.

Suddenly a hovercraft drops silver parachutes on the children, who reach for them, hoping they bear food. In contrast, when Katniss arrives in the Capitol, she is awed by the lavish feasts and elaborately prepared dishes.

You see an elderly person, you want to congratulate them on their longevity, ask the secret of survival. Rue had dark eyes and dark skin. He was the only living victor in District 12 before Katniss and Peeta.

Young girls especially look up to models and actresses on television; they idolize their looks, their images, and how much they weigh, and those images are engrained on their minds.

Katniss, however, decides to go to the Capitol to kill Snow, pretending that Coin gave her that mission. He was then killed by Katniss, shot in the throat by an arrow and drowned in his own blood. The last tribute standing wins.

She warns Katniss about the tracker jacker hive, and they later become allies. It is believed that he was killed during interrogation.

Peeta Mellark

She is Finnick Odair's love interest and later becomes his wife.“We had to save you because you're the mockingjay, Katniss," says Plutarch. "While you live, the revolution lives.” ― Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire. Media in the Hunger Games Abstract Media bombards us with information at all times.

How often do we stop to think about its influence on our Capitol holds control of the people‘s lives, reminding them of how helpless they supposedly are. leaders of District 13 run a series of propos entitled.

We Remember. It‘s a tribute to tributes. For the 74th Hunger Games' Tribute Parade, Cinna and Portia created artificial but highly realistic flames that were used as a key element in Katniss’ and Peeta’s costumes.

The Hunger Games: The Influences…

[6] In The Hunger Games film, Katniss' interview dress was triggered to light up with artificial flames as the she twirled and to extinguish when she stopped. Well, the main source of power in The Hunger Games is clear: the totalitarian government of the Capitol.

Because the Capitol holds most of the country of Panem’s wealth, the government there is able to control the people in all of the districts across Panem.

The Hunger Games: The Influences January 23, bustatimbo Leave a comment With the approaching release of The Hunger Games (March 23rd), I thought it would be a good time to gain (or regain) some perspective on the possible influences on the plot of the much acclaimed book series.

The following is a list of characters in The Hunger Games trilogy. Contents[show] Main characters The Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen — The narrator, main protagonist, and District 12's female tribute, a strong-willed teenager trying to survive in the Hunger Games.

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The influence of technology and media on the lives of people in the hunger games a novel series by s
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